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Sharon Jones

Sharon  Jones
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      Sharon has dedicated a large portion of her life to serving others as a law enforcement officer. She also has a Bachelors degree in Business Management and a Masters in Public Administration.

      In 2017, at the urging of one of her nieces, Sharon started a short-term rental in Georgetown, Texas. As a successful result of the short-term rental, Sharon developed a passion for real estate investment and short-term property management. Sharon also developed a strong business sense for identifying homes and then purchasing and developing the homes into profitable short-term vacation rentals. She owns a successful short-term rental management company.

      Sharon is known for her top notch service to others and is instrumental and credited with helping others reach their goals while making their dreams a reality.

      When Sharon is not passionately serving others, or assisting someone with making their dreams come true, she enjoys traveling internationally and throughout our beautiful country with her family.

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